World War Z trailer leaves a lukewarm impression.

When it was annouced back in 2007 that there was going to be a film adaption of the exceptional World War Z novel, I along with many other fans were pretty excited at this prospect, unfortunatley since Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertaiment company bought the rights, World War Z has been in development hell. Suffering from constant change of locations, rewrites, new writers, re-shoots and delays in release dates, it seemed that this film may never be released, but alas a trailer for the film was eventually released. After seeing the trailer, fans were left wondering if any part of this film is going to be based on the book, instead of following the varying stories of the book, the film seems to following only one characther (Brad Pitt), the zombies are different from that in the book in the sense that they can run instead of walk and the use of CGI for the zombies is a hugely disapointing choice.Had this been released as a project not based on the book, I’d probably be more excited as the film still looks pretty entertaining but its just disapointing that it has shown such little loyalty to the source material.
You can check out the trailer below:


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