Ben Affleck continues to impress in front on the camera, as well as behind it.

Argo is the latest film by Ben Affleck, loosely based on true events this film is about the Iranian hostage crisis of the US Embassy in 1979. Ben Affleck also stars in this film along with John Goodman, Bryan Cranston and Alan Arkin. Set in 1979, the film revolves around the US hostage crisis in Iran and how Tony Mendez(Affleck) is gonna try to bring them home.

It is clear from the superb intro of Argo, which outlines in a brilliant animated sequence the history of Iran in the 20th century, that Argo is in good hands. The opening scene of the film which is set in the US Embassy in Iran, depicts the Iranian takeover of the Embassy. The film then switches continents to the CIA in USA, where we are introduced to Bryan Cranston and Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck plays a specialist who focuses on hostage extraction from foreign countries, he is then tasked with the job of getting them out of the country. Argo is a film, where the less you know the better, so I will reveal no more.

Argo is a hugely entertaining film, Iran is brilliantly depicted as a country in the middle of a cultural revolution, the supporting cast are very watchable as is Affleck, who does a great job both in front of and behind the camera. The biggest surprise of this film is how much humour is in this film, when you consider how tense the scenes set in Iran are Affleck does a great job of balancing the humour with the more dramatic scenes in this film.

Director: Ben Affleck
Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman.


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